About Us

About Us

We, the Chaldeans of the United States of America, are the descendents of the ancient inhabitants of Mesopotamia-today’s Iraq. We are Catholics who speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus Christ. Our ancestors adapted Christianity in its early decades.

We, do hereby the establishment of a community based charitable, educational, and humanitarian relief organization. The Chaldean Federation of America (CFA) is a Grass Roots Community Non-profit Umbrella Organization.


* Advocate for settling thousands of Chaldean refugees outside Iraq to country of permanent residency and provide humanitarian relief while they are in the waiting
* Provide assistance to new refugee arrivals and help detainees and asylees in their cases
* Provide humanitarian relief for displaced people inside Iraq
* Help establishing a secure province in Northern Iraq where displaced Chaldeans may relocate
* Support advocacy issues that affect our Chaldean American Community
* Award annual scholarship during annual commencement ceremonies for the new Chaldean graduates

We affirm our belief in the United States and its Constitution. Since all Chaldeans around the globe are integral part of the Chaldean Community, the Chaldean Federation of America shall extend these objectives for all the Chaldeans through out the world.

Year 2007 marks the 25th anniversary of the Chaldean Federation of America founding.

The CFA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We were founded in 1981.

CFA Member Organizations:

Dave Nona

Dave Nona is a civil engineer by training. After working in consulting engineering for over thirty years, he joined the family development/construction firm of Triangle Development Inc.

Mr. Nona has been active in community and civic organizations for many years and was a founding member of The Chaldean American Chamber of commerce and its Chairman for several years. He is presently serving with the Chaldean Federation of America as Chairman.

Michael J. George

Michael is chairman of Champion Wholesale Foods, L.L.C.; Bouvier Bridge Marina, L.L.C.; Pioneer Meats, Inc.; Port Atwater Parking Associates, LLC and UrthTech, L.L.C. In the past, he has owned and operated: Melody Farms, Metro-Detroit Investment Company, Michigan Data Storage, Midwest Wholesale Foods.

His education includes a diploma from Catholic Central High School in Detroit, Michigan. He is married to Najat and has six sons. He is presently the chairman Emeritus of the Chaldean Federation of America (CFA) where he works to help advance Chaldean Americans and aid in the settlement of Iraqi Christian refugees.

Joseph T. Kassab


Joseph T. Kassab is the executive director of the Chaldean Federation of America. He is known for his long time (three decades) advocacy for human and religious rights of the
Iraqi Christians. As Chaldean American using his own money voluntarily joined numerous humanitarian delegations, visiting displaced Iraqis in Europe, Middle East and Iraq to discuss their plights with world leaders, including Pope John Paul II in 1994.

After joining the CFA in 2006, he spearheaded a massive resettlement initiative called Operation R-4(Research, Relief, Resettlement, and Re-empowerment) which helped resettle and welcome thousands of Iraqi refugees to the U.S. Joseph is the recpient of many awards from several private and public organizations and public offices for his outstanding humanitarian work. He is also the chief science officer at Innovative Cell Technologies, Inc. His education includes a Masters degree in medical microbiology and immunology, diploma in nanobiotechnology and a graduate certificate in community education leadership program
from Wayne State University

Amir Sitto



Amir is a long time Chaldean American Activist, working to assist Chaldean Americans.  As Chair of the CFA Chapter in Arizona, Amir is working with several Refugee resettlement
agencies to help solve the problems of the new comers through effective CFA reception and placement program.Recently with the advisement of Monsignor, Felix Shabi, Arizona CFA board formed a coliation with the council of both Chaldean churches in Arizona to better serve the Refugee community in the state of Arizona.

Amir holds a BSC Degree in Accounting and Management from University of Baghdad. He served as a public accountant for years in Michigan and he is business broker in the state of


Chair, CFA, Arizona Chapter

Arizona Office
6816 E. Cactus Rd.
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85254
Phone: (480) 998-2034
Fax: (480) 443-1435

Basma Coda


Besma Coda, Co- Founder and Chief Operation Officer of the Chaldean Middle Eastern Social Services (C-MSS) . As cultural counselor, she heads one of the first mental health
clinics for the Chaldean and Arab community in the United States. The nonprofit organization is providing a humanitarian and medical assistance to new Iraqi Refugees, Asylum, and immigrants.

Before joining CMSS, Besma spent 20 years in the humanitarian and public services. She brings a wealth of international experience as motivator and a leader for her community.

Her outstanding efforts contributed to those seeking hope and refuge. She builds and maintains high level external relations, representing the movement of human rights of

Chaldean Christians and Iraqi refugees.

Besma attended school in San Diego, and received her Master Degree in Art and Management.

Chair, CFA California Chapter

343 East Main St.
Suite 201
El Cajon, California  92020
Phone: 619-631-7400
Fax: 619-631-7402